Balancing Your Body

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Your Balance/Imbalance Review

In this module we are working to discover where your imbalances lie so that we can take the guesswork out of healing your body. 

Tweaking What You Eat

We are what we eat. If the body can't process what it's being given, it's not able to heal and regenerate itself.  What we fuel with is what impacts its ability to heal itself.   However, none of this has to be complicated.  We will keep this all as simple as possible.

Clear Your Body

Every day we experience environmental toxins but also, if we're not clearing things out properly, they are getting stuck, and the body is using toxic things to rebuild itself.  

Movement Your Way

Movement is one of the ways to move the Lymph system and help remove toxins. It will also improve brain function and decrease inflammation and pain

Expanding Your Awareness

We get on autopilot to just do things -- even eating -- we have no concept of our surroundings.  We need to slow down and be more aware of what's going on around us.

Advocating for Your Health and Well-being

It's important to have a voice to advocate for ourselves

Trauma and Your Health

When you look at when trauma happens, you can see when the body responds/reacts, and it changes your body and your health.

Your Sleep (or the lack thereof)

Sleep is when your body repairs, regenerates and recovers. If your body can't do the three R's, it's a shoddy job of maintenance and repair.

Fine Tuning Your Body

Here we are learning about being able to fine tune and maintain the healing we have created this far.

Nature and You

Utilizing nature to keep from falling back into poor health and habits.

What's Next

Congratulations on Completing the course.  You should feel better and have the knowledge to maintain and improve your health from this point forward.

This module is all about where to go from here and what's next.

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